Letter from Chaimie


The Jewish Daily Forward
  |   02/26/16

'Yidlife Crisis' Takes Off — With Assist From Mayim Bialik

Jewish Telegraph UK
  |   02/14/16

Mayim caught in the web

Times of Israel
  |   02/11/16

Mayim Bialik does mammeloshen in Yiddish valentine

  |   02/11/16

What Exactly Is a 'YidLife Crisis?'

Yiddish Daily Forward (Yiddish)
  |   02/09/16

New Episode of Yidlife Crisis Stars Mayim Bialik

National Post
  |   12/08/15

Barbara Kay: Attack of the poutine separatists

CTV News
  |   09/10/15

Eric Cohen reviews Yidlife Crisis

CTV News
  |   09/10/15

YidLife Crisis Takes on Year 2

Times of Israel
  |   09/25/15

Irreverent Yiddish comedic web series back for season ‘tsvey’

The Daily Forward
  |   10/16/15

YidLife Crisis Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Edmonton Jewish News
  |   09/22/15

YidLife Crisis launches Edmonton United Jewish Appeal with irreverent humour

Yiddish Daily Forward (Yiddish)
  |   09/13/15

ייִדלײַף־קריזיס : דער צווייטער סעזאָן

Canadian Jewish News
  |   09/11/15

YidLife Crisis tackles conversion, circumcision and Jews for Jesus

The Gazette
  |   09/08/15

YidLife Crisis offers more unholy hilarity in second season

  |   September 2014

צפו: "סיינפלד ביידיש" סדרת רשת חדשה

Shalom Life
  |   07/07/15

Sex, Drugs, and Milk & Meat: The Yiddish Web Series for Contemporary Jews

HEEB Magazine
  |   06/17/15


NY Daily News
  |   06/10/15

Kulturfest will highlight importance and vitality of Yiddish culture

Voice of Israel
  |   04/02/15

YidLife Crisis: How Does a Falafel Taste in Yiddish?

Jewish Journal
  |   04/02/15

Talking tachlis with ‘YidLife Crisis’

Canadian Jewish News
  |   04/01/15

24 Jews who are changing the world

Federation CJA (Tikun Magazine)
  |   01/29/15

YidLife Crisis: Can Yiddish comedy be the new rapprochement?

Voice of Israel
  |   01/08/15

The Big Falafel with Molly Livingstone

TLV1 Radio
  |   01/03/15

Sex, sandwiches, and Talmud

i24 News
  |   12/29/14

Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman sit down with i24news in Tel Aviv

CJAD News Talk Radio
  |   12/23/14

Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show on CJAD 800 Montreal

CBC The National
  |   12/22/14

YidLife Crisis: A Serious Gamechanger?

  |   12/17/14

שני חברים שמתווכחים ביידיש עומדים במרכז סדרת הרשת "YidLife Crisis"

  |   12/16/14

YidLife Crisis, savoureux humour juif de Montréal… en yiddish !

CTV News
  |   12/14/14

Yiddish web series features Montreal's food institutions

La Presse
  |   12/14/14

Yidlife Crisis: Poutine yiddish

The Daily Forward
  |   12/11/14

Sexe, poutine et yiddish : une nouvelle web série qui surprend

  |   12/10/14

BT Interviews: What’s a Yidlife Crisis?

  |   12/09/14

Émission Du 9 Décembre 2014

The Huffington Post Quebec
  |   11/12/14

Culture, humour et bonne bouffe... en yiddish

Jewish Review
  |   Fall/Winter 2014 Issue

Having a YidLife Crisis?

  |   10/27/14

Spotlight On: Eli Batalion and Jamie Elman of "YidLife Crisis"

CBC Radio-Canada
  |   10/03/14

Yidlife crisis : fascinantes capsules web

The Daily Forward
  |   10/02/14

'Yidlife Crisis,' the First Yiddish Sitcom

The Suburban
  |   09/26/14

YidLife Crisis: Launch of web series a thrill for two Bialik grads

The Gazette
  |   09/23/14

Comedy with a Yiddish twist

Canadian Jewish News
  |   09/23/14

Montreal web comedy team suffers YidLife Crisis

Huffington Post
  |   09/19/14

Jewish Montrealers use Yiddish for new web series

Shalom Life
  |   09/17/14

'YidLife Crisis': Your Yiddish Answer to 'Seinfeld'

Radio Sefarad
  |   September 2014

Jamie Elman and Eli Batalion’s YidLife Crisis

Times of Israel
  |   09/16/14

Jews on the verge of a 'YidLife Crisis'

Art Direction by Jason Safir